We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions
We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions

Non contact infrared Thermometers.

VPLITPL’s offers most reliable infrared thermometer at most competitive price. This infrared thermometer is used to measure the surface temperature of an object. The optical sensor installed in the thermometer sense the surrounding energy (emitted, transmitted and reflected) and focus onto a detector, the converter then calculates this energy and displays the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The details of available infrared thermometer is given below

Product Code : VPLIRT550
Color : Grey
Temp Range : -30 to 5500C (-22 to 1022 F)

  Repeatability : ± 1%
  Distance Spot Ratio : 12:1
  Accuracy : ± 3 %
  Emissivity : Fixed at 0.95
  Response time : 500ms
  0 Resolution : 0.1 C
  Power Supply : 9V Battery

User Industries:
  Auto Workshops
  Machine Shops,
  Marble & Granite Fabricators,
  Tool Shops,
  Professional Welders,
  Heat Treatment Industries etc

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