We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions
We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions

Irreversible Temperature Indicating Labels/Strips

A simple, cost effective and accurate temperature measurement can be made using VPLITPL’s Irreversible temperature sensing strips/labels (VPL Label). Temperature strips / labels are also known as thermolabels, temperature indicator strips, temp. stickers/ labels, thermostrips, temperature sensing labels etc.

Features of the product:

  Calibrated at ± 1% accuracy
  Oil, water and steam resistant
  Rate of response: 5 to 10seconds
  Irreversible color change
  Simple, reliable and cost effective
  helf life- One year

Temperature ranges: Temperature Indicating Labels/Strips starts from 38 C/100 F to 230 C /446 F

Temperature Intervals:5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 deg C /Deg F intervals.

Different Levels : Single, double, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten level.

Applications : To monitor the surface temperature of an object, the desired temperature strip should be affixed on to a surface of the object. The white colored circle changes from WHITE to RED color as soon as the surface of the object attains the rated temperature of the circle.

Usage :AfterRemove the adhesive outer liner then stick label on a clean and dry surface of the test component. Once the test component reaches to the temperature of the pasted label, the white circle turns to red (irreversible).

User Industries:

  High voltage switching, Wave soldering
  Overheat detection of mortar and Cable etc
  Baking, Dish washing
  Printed circuit boards, Semi-conductor cabinets
  Casting, Moulding, Rubber extruding
  Cooling water radiator, Wind tunnel
  Warranty abuse monitor etc
  Textile Processing

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