We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions
We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions


TEMPINDICTM -Temperature Indicating Sticks/Crayons/Chalks

VPLITPL’s temperature indicating crayons/chalks are sold in the market with TempindicTM trade name. The TempindicTM crayons are made available in 120 different temperature ratings systematically spaced between 40 Deg C to 1200 Deg C as per the customer needs. The Tempindic crayon length would be125mm and will be supplied in aluminium casing with a adjustable cap for holding of chalk/crayon.

Irreversible Temperature Indicating Labels/Strips

A simple, cost effective and accurate temperature measurement can be made using VPLITPL’s Irreversible temperature sensing strips/labels (VPL Label). Temperature strips / labels are also known as thermolabels, temperature indicator strips, temp. stickers/ labels, thermostrips, temperature sensing labels etc.

Low Chloride Paint Markers.

The marker has high quality reversible nib. Permanent marking, lettering, coding or numbering can be made using these marker pens.

Non contact infrared Thermometers.

VPLITPL’s offers most reliable infrared thermometer at most competitive price. This infrared thermometer is used to measure the surface temperature of an object.