We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions
We provide temperature measurment and marking solutions

Low Chloride Paint Markers.

The marker has high quality reversible nib. Permanent marking, lettering, coding or numbering can be made using these marker pens.

Product Features

  Fast Drying
  Japanese Technology valve action set
  Low Chloride, Lead Free
  Durable Reversible Nibs (2.3mm nib)
  Weather Resistance Marks (UV resistant and water proof ink)
  Valve action for controlled ink flow
  Indelible marking
  Suitable for marking on metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic etc
  The mark colour will withstand upto 100 Deg C whereas white mark withstands
  upto 300 deg C
  Xylene free

User Industries:

  Auto Workshops
  Machine Shops,
  Marble & Granite Fabricators,
  Tool Shops,
  Professional Welders,
  Heat Treatment Industries etc.

Available Colours

Light shades of White, Yellow , Red , Blue , Green , Black

Other colours also will be supplied depending on user requirement.

Standard packaging

12 pcs (of same colour) per box

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place (< 25°C/77°F and 55 to 65% relative humidity).

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